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Cupping Treatment

Discover the Wonderful Benefits of a Cupping Treatment Today

Are your muscles aching and tight from sport, an injury or stress? A soothing massage can help, but choosing a cupping treatment is especially helpful if your pain is in a specific area and you need relief fast. It targets those parts of your body that hurt the most, helping to improve circulation, heal tissues, reduce muscle tension and lessen soreness.

Why Choose Cupping Massage?

Cupping uses glass or plastic cups to work on your muscles, a treatment dating back thousands of years to ancient China. It offers a traditional and trusted way to help relax muscle tightness and relieve pain. The therapy is safe and effective and can help by:

  • Increasing blood flow: When your therapist applies the cups to your skin, they gently suction the tissue to improve blood circulation to that area. This increased blood flow helps your body heal those cells and reduce muscle soreness.
  • Detoxifying your tissues: Cupping helps your body flush toxins by focusing blood flow and using your natural lymph drainage system. Reducing toxins can help strengthen your immunity, increase energy and reduce inflammation.
  • Overall relaxation: Cupping may also help with anxiety in general by boosting your parasympathetic nervous system. This incredible natural mechanism works by improving gland and intestinal activity and slowing down your heart rate, allowing your whole body to feel more relaxed.

Better blood flow, more oxygen and flushing out fluid also help with cellulite, scars, stretch marks, and varicose or spider veins. Cupping can help clear congestion and assist digestion, too.

What Happens During Cupping Therapy?

Although different therapists may have their own ways of cupping, in general, you can expect your therapist to:

  • Place one or more cups on your body where you need treatment. Your therapist will leave the cups over the sore area for up to three minutes. They may also slide the cups over your skin to massage and stretch your muscles and underlying tissue.
  • Heat the inside of each cup. As the cups cool, it creates a vacuum to help pull the skin up into the cup, helping to increase circulation, release knots and draw out toxins.
  • Let you know what to expect after your treatment. Because the cups create a suction effect, you may have slight bruising afterwards. But please don’t worry; this is normal and should fade over time.

Cupping is safe, but we’d prefer you always use a professional massage therapist for treatments. For reliable cupping in Hobart with registered therapists, consider us - Frangipani Remedial Massage. We’re approachable, easy to find and have plenty of convenient parking available.

More About Frangipani Remedial Massage

We genuinely care about all our clients and are passionate about helping you feel better and offering you effective and enjoyable treatments in our beautiful and relaxing environment. Our friendly and welcoming team can help across various needs, including remedial, relaxation and sports massage. We also use blissfully aromatic, 100 percent Tasmanian made massage oils to support our local communities.

So, please feel free to chat to us today about the best ways, including cupping, to help reduce your stress and pain. You can book online or reach out to us with any questions.

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