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Relaxation Massage

Pamper Yourself With a Relaxation Massage

A relaxation massage is a perfect way to pamper yourself, lower stress levels, and ease any aches and pains. We offer a wide range of massage services in a welcoming and comfortable environment, and you can select the ideal appointment length to suit you from 30 minutes or up to two hours.

How To Prepare for a Relaxing Massage

Consider our tips to prepare for your massage to get the most value from your relaxing experience.

  • Hydrate: Drink plenty of water before and after your massage. A massage can increase your body’s circulation and release toxins within your body, so being well hydrated assures you get rid of this waste after your appointment.
  • Dress comfortably: Wearing comfortable clothing to your massage appointment can get into a relaxed state before your massage begins. It also makes undressing and then changing back into clothes easier.
  • Communicate your needs: Feel free to explain your massage preferences and expectations to our friendly team, and whether you have any aches or pains so you can have an enjoyable and relaxing experience. While we encourage you to relax during a massage, you can also communicate any requests throughout your appointment.

Our therapists have in-depth knowledge and experience in a wide range of techniques, including Chinese massage.

Massage Services We Provide in Hobart

We offer a wide range of services so you can try different relaxation techniques or enjoy your favourite type of massage.

  • Aromatherapy Massage: We use high-quality massage oils to create a relaxing environment and therapeutic massage. The aroma from these essential oils can aid in relaxation as you breathe in the scent. An aromatherapy massage from our friendly and skilled therapists may reduce pain and ease muscle tension, lowering stress and anxiety.
  • Hot Stone Massage: You can get a deeper relaxation when you opt for a hot stone massage. Our therapists will place or rub smooth, heated stones on specific parts of your body, such as your spine and stomach. The heated stones warm up tight muscles, which allows our therapists to massage more deeply and quickly to relieve pain and tension in your body.
  • Reflexology: A foot massage from our Hobart professionals can provide more benefits than just the relief of achy feet. Our therapists apply different levels of pressure to various zones on your feet, which regulate your nervous reflex, control stress levels, improve blood circulation, and boost your immune system.

You can also unwind and relax with a loved one when you arrange a couples massage with our Hobart therapists.

Book a Relaxing Treatment at Frangipani Remedial Massage

Whether you want to relax at the end of a busy week or find relief from pain, our experienced and friendly massage therapists will tailor a treatment to your requirements. You can choose your favourite treatment from our extensive range of services, including aromatherapy, remedial, and hot stone massage or ask us which method will best suit your ideal outcome.

Contact us with any questions or book an appointment online.